• 3rd Floor

    3rd Floor

    3rd Floor is about the independent, dauntless, bold but sensitive woman, who defines her own identity. Our inspiration behind the brand!

  • Angel Alarcon

    Angel Alarcon

    Angel Alarcon is a Spanish woman shoe brand. With own design and manufactured in Spain. They hardly believe in national product, so that all the manufacture of their shoes takes place in Spain, from design to finishing. They produce high quality shoes and they concentrate in two lines: Bridal shoes and Heels. The first ones are indicated to special moments where elegance and glamour is the most important. The other ones are transgressive, latest fashion trends. Within the last ones, you will be able to find innovative tissues, different lasts, original complements, bold colors… Their wide range of models Angel Alarcon allows women to choose which shoe to wear every moment on her life, from an elegant modern shoe for everyday to the bridal shoe in which she will shine on her wedding day.

  • Artwear Dimitriadis

    Artwear Dimitriadis

    Eleni Dimitriadi , a jewelry originator with a unique and powerful avantgarde style, founded Art Wear Dimitriadis in 1983.
    Her passion for creating dynamic and energetic jewelry pieces is perfectly in sync with the theatricality of the plays and movies for which she designs.
    Eleni Dimitriadi translates the inspiration she finds in the glamour of the theater and the beauty of the modern day princesses into her technique for integrating Greek inspiration and baroque designs in her work.
  • Bionatura


    Italian anatomic and orthopedic shoes. Specially designed for maximum support of the feet and the right body position

  • Gabor


    Gabor shoes are made by the best quality materials and are very comfortable.

  • In Love

    In Love

    In Love was founded in Athens some years ago. Their designs are 100% handmade, purely made with silver 925 or gold.

  • Ophelia


    Our brand Ophelia, named after famous fictional character in William Shakespeare's play Hamlet. The name derived from Greek word όφελος (ophelos) meaning "help, advantage, benefit, profit". Ophelia is a handmade handbag series which specializing in chic and modern Backpacks, Tote bags, Bucket bags and Crossboddy bags for everyday or evening. Each bag is designed and hand crafted by Ophelia’s owner Christopher. His designs are made to style out your outfit for any outing, according to the latest fashion trends. Our main philosophy is to offer unique, high quality, and stylish products at the lowest prices worldwide! The idea behind our items is the creation of something new and different from what can usually be found in the market. All our items are 100% handmade and entirely made from high quality leather . “..a handbag series designed and handmade in Greece, featuring my beloved patterns and my intense urge for creativity.” - Christopher We hope to enjoy them!

  • Vinge Project

    Vinge Project

    The –VINGE- Project was established by us (Vicky and George) in mid-2014 to express creativity using local Athenian materials. Very quick the concept got its own identity inspired from our big love for summer and especially Sifnos, a Cycladic Greek island, which we visit a couple times every year from the time we were teens, it’s almost hometown for us. We design everything you need before sun, Swimwear, Spring Bags, Beach Bags, Hats, Towels, Island Wear and many more summer fashion items.

  • Ιoanna M

    Ιoanna M

    Ioanna M is inspired by her main material which is plexiglass. All of her products are handmade in Greece

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